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The Face Paint Lady

Serious Facepaint Fun

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Established 1991

In 1991 we began face painting in public, unknown to us, we were building a local legacy. We knew we liked to play, laugh, and be in the community. Click About to read more about our 32 year journey.

Halloween Countdown!

Our love of Halloween began in the 1960's.

We grabbed oversized shirts from our parents, stuffed and belted them, then put on a silly hat. We used eyebrow pencils for mustaches, freckles, and whiskers. Then goofily disguised, we walked our neighborhood, surprising our neighbors and delighting in collecting candy. May this community fun continue!

Communities and companies have seemingly overwhelming problems

We have found that art, humor, and intentional participation connect us with one another. The one way to cultivate this is to practice it. This is our specialty.

We work online and in person  to practice the butterfly way of intelligent, inclusive, and straight forward collaboration.

play your part & Use your imagination

Face To Face Creativity

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One of our favorite things to do is to gather for family fun under our green tent. We appreciate when you drop by and say hi. Go to our Appearances page and find out where we'll be out and about next!

We've Worked With

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custom quotes, just for you

Phone: +1 301-221-5640  9-5pm EST


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